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Snapshots of my Life

I’ve been many places and along the way I’ve seen some magnificent things.  On the other hand, right here in my home(s) I’ve seen some things that have either made me laugh, or just stop and stare, wondering, WTF? Luckily in this technology-steeped world, every cell phone is also a camera.  So, here are a few random snapshots from my life…some from the Deep South, others from the Buffalo Rust Belt. (You can click on each picture to enlarge it.)

I went to an amusement park about a month ago and saw this uber-patriotic couple strolling around, with Old Glory in places that I had never seen it before!  Now, take a look at the little boy checking out Lady Liberty.  You know what he’s thinking:  God Bless America!

The first leaves have started changing, and I know that Jack the Ripper, I mean Frost, is on his way to beat the life out of Buffalo again.  I saw this advertisement on the way to work and felt like driving straight to the airport…

I was wandering around one of the university libraries when I stumbled upon this door.  A treasure room?! Don’t mind if I do…Wait, what the hell is Halon 1301?! And why is it in the library?

Buffalo is known for it’s high fashion, I know.  And the city’s full of unique, one of a kind shops, such as Hair u Wear – which has mad styles of human hair, and precisely 307 styles of wigs.  Thank goodness.  308 might have been just too much to handle.

And while next door may only have 301 styles of wigs, Big Daddy has 1001 styles of human hair!  Boo-yah bitches!

I was just performing the normal procedure of surveying (the lot), praying (that that really is a parking spot, not just..shit! a small car), stalking (a student coming down the sidewalk from class), and protecting (your prey/student from other car-space predators) when I saw this good old fashioned meat wagon!  I applaud you sir.  You know that graduate school is a killer, and like a good boy scout, you came prepared.

You know you’re from the South when “doing yard work” involves cleaning out the old slave quarters/tenant house.

Hot Wings/Soul Food, BBQ Ribs, AND “Exotic Scents and Things” all in once place? (I had to resist any “pulled pork” jokes…) This must be heaven :D

I sat down in the lounge the other day to read and take some notes and then was struck before I sat down.  Who doesn’t take their notes on Adolf Hitler in a pink butterfly notebook?

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