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The Elixir of Life

I’m back in Buffalo and all moved into my new apartment.  Yesterday morning, something horrible happened.  I woke up, after having to sleep on the floor (don’t have a bed yet), and unsteadily made my way downstairs to the kitchen.  One of the first things I unpacked was my $14 Black and Decker automatic coffee maker – and that was my destination yesterday morning.  I sniffed the air as my foot hit the last step and I was suddenly mad at myself for not setting the timer.  There was no coffee waiting on me.

My annoyance at myself was about to boil over into wrath.

I got to the kitchen and just stared at my coffee maker.  In a moment of realization that was as annoying and shocking as the car alarm that went off every hour on the hour the night before, my blood pressure sky rocketed.  I may have packed my coffee maker, but I didn’t have coffee filters.  No problem; I had paper towels.  But I didn’t have coffee.  FML

My blurry senses suddenly sharpened as survival instinct kicked in.  I sprinted back up stairs (okay, sprinted may be a little exaggerated) to grab my secondary lifeline:  Google.  Keywords:  starbucks buffalo, ny.

Thank the gods above (and below and every which a’ way!)  There’s a Starbucks one block from my apartment.  Crisis averted.

Being that coffee is what saves all of you from a bad-mood me, out of sheer civic duty, I went and bought a 1 ½ lb can of Folgers Black Silk coffee and 200 coffee filters.  That should stave off DEFCON 1 for a little while.

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