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A Curious Wanderer is on Facebook!

Good morning everybody!

The Curious Wanderer is now on Facebook!

Life has gotten pretty hectic the past several months, and between writing a dissertation and now composing job application materials, I have very little time and effort left to past anything substantial here on this site.  (And when I do find some time to sit down an click “Add New Post,” the obnoxious voice of guilt screams in my head “You could be spending this time on your dissertation!  YOU SHOULD BE SPENDING THIS TIME ON YOUR DISSERTATION!”).

So, I decided to create a CW Facebook page.  It’ll be easier and and quicker to share shorter ideas, thoughts and links there.  Also, I think it’ll reach a different audience.  But, that doesn’t mean that I’ll be abandoning this blog.  I’m still going to post here as often as I can, but if you’d like to add some humanism, history, travelling, or love of food to your Facebook feed, head on over to and give the page a “Like”!  

See you there!


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