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Tied in a Knot

Some things just defy understanding.  I get that.  Mankind can only unlock so much knowledge. As a result, some interworkings of the universe will simply remain mysteries.

One of the greatest enigmas of all time:  Why cords, wires, and hoses will turn into a tangled nightmare no matter how carefully you store them.  Take this morning for example:  I spent a few minutes yesterday coiling up the garden hose very nicely to keep it from knotting up.  This morning, I go out to water some plants. I pull from the end, and it nicely unloops for about a food and then the entire damn thing comes lurching forward in one gigantic mess.

And don’t even think about trying to keep an extension cord neat.  Even if you wrap it up on a nail, in the time that it requires you to take the cord off and set it on the ground to string it out, both ends will have snaked and loopty-looped 13 times all through the bitch so that you’re left holding nothing but a huge knot.

And forget about orderly headphone cords!  Ho-ly shit, they are the worst!  At night I’ll wrap them up nicely and put them in my desk drawer.  Next morning:  grab the earphone, and up comes up one huge cluster f@*k!  Sometime in the middle of the night, my earphones, phone charger, and camera connector decided to have a drunken orgy and I’ve got to spend 5 minutes and ALL of my patience untangling it all again!

The whole thing makes me want to do very un-gentlemanlike things.

Maybe one day some theoretical physicist, or bored historian, or even a sidetracked biologist will stumble upon an explanation for this rage-inducing phenomenon.  Then after that, they can team up and find out how all of those single socks disappear from the dryer.

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