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Talk Nerdy to Me!



Your Kids on Books


What is Normal?


Exercise Chart


If Reading were Exercise


Jersey Shire


What I do in History Class

Correction: What my STUDENTS do in history class



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Found Some More

Throughout the week, I’ve found some more memes that I thought I’d share:

How true is that?!

X-Men meets Star Wars = nerdgasm

This reminds me of my Nanny

This also reminds me of my Nanny!

Who’s f*cked now?

Don’t judge. We’ve all had that moment.

Maybe too early for Xmas posts, but I couldn’t resist. Laughed too damn hard.

These make me think of my earlier post about coffee (Elixir of Life)

This is me during finals week.

Again, this reminds me of an earlier post (Tied in a Knot)

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Laughter’s Good for Ya

I’ve been gone from WordPress this summer, but I’ve been collecting some pics and memes.  So, here they all are.  Enjoy.




Can’t wait to make these on the grill: 

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