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Grammar Nazis, Attack!

The Ultimate Grammar Nazi: 

Grammar Nazi

Know Your Shit

Oxford Comma Strippers

To Funny

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Grammar Nazi

Just a collection of grammar memes for the other grammar conscious folks out there:


Comma & Period Quotation Marks Alphabet in math Punctuation is Powerful Spell Check Spell Check 2

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OMG, like LOL!!!! :))):):)!

Like, boi ur not gonna believe this – ur gonna be like, OMG! WTF??!!  Or maybe just like LOLing, or cud be even ROFLing or LMAOing. Who knows.

But seriously, u def gotta stop…

…writing like that.

Really people?  Are we THAT rushed that we can’t take the time to spell out “you”?  I know some service providers limit text message length, but Facebook doesn’t.  The last time I tried to write emails, Hotmail and G-Mail both let me spell out words fully.

And is all of that punctuation really necessary?  When did exclamation points replace periods?  Or why are we all screaming all the time now?!?!  And when did we get so curious and inquisitive all of a sudden????????

We have different punctuation marks for a reason.  Periods are for your normal, everyday sentence.  I walked to the car.  Period.  When in doubt use a period.  Exclamation points, on the other hand, are for when you need to actually exclaim something.  Example:  “Shit!  There’s a monkey on the roof!”  You don’t need one for “I saw your mom at the store!”  Unless your mom is, say the First Lady.  Then a ! might be acceptable.

And ?‘s…just one is fine.  In fact one ! is fine, too.  Normally, you will never need more than one exclamation point, unless that monkey on the roof has a gun.

Now, I will admit that I do find some smileys cute…But only the ones that you don’t have to squint, stand on one leg, and smoke some pot to actually see the smiley face.  There’s the normal smile –    :)     And then the big smile –    :D  ANd you can even give them a nose    :-)  Actually, that’s about all you need.  You DEFINITELY don’t need more than one smiley in any text, email or Facebook wall post.  It’s as simple as that.  For those people who do this thing: : ) )))  What the hell is that?  A really fat guy with four chins?  Why would I want that smiley on my wall?

If you’re going to write like that, PLEASE have the common sense to know when you shouldn’t write like that.  Last semester I got an email from a student that started off like this:  “Dear Jakey  :)  !”  Needless to say, I stopped reading.  You should know how to use proper English when writing to a teacher, boss, or coworker.  Or to another human being.

And for God’s sake – if you insist on using “u” instead of “you,” at least use the correct adaptations of the abbreviation.  But then again, if you’re using “u,” you probably don’t know the difference between your and you’re anyway.  Your = possessive; ex:  your phone.  You’re = you are; ex:  you’re ridiculous.  So, at least try to use ur and ure “correctly.”

And while we’re talking about words that are apparently too confusing for their correct use.  There/Their/They’re.  There is like “over there.  Or, there is a monkey on the roof!”  Their is possessive; their monkey is on our roof.  They’re is a contraction for “they are.”

Not too difficult to manage.

But, like omg, if thats just to tuff bc ur just way two buzy over their, then keep on keepin on.

Anyways, I’ll brb.

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