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Epic Rap Battles of History

I had forgotten about this Youtube channel, but Gott sei Dank I stumbled across it again while I was having my coffee this morning.  These two guys match up famous people from the past, fiction, and from the present, and then pit them against each other in an epic rap battle.  Some are pretty freakin’ hilarious.  Here are some of my favorites.  (And if you’re easily offended, don’t like cussing, or can’t take jokes about death or dead people, then maybe you shouldn’t watch them.)

My all-time favorite:  A rap battle between the two most evil people to ever have existed (or to never have existed):  Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler:

This one is just freakin’ awesome:  Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking.  “I’ll give you a brief history of pain with the back of my hand.”   :D

Steve Jobs is so amazingly cocky in this one.  I love it.  Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs.  But who really wins in the end?

I mean, is this one really even a contest?  Justin Bieber vs. Ludwig von Beethoven.

This one’s pretty fun!  Dr. Suess vs. Shakespeare.  Even though Shakespeare breaks it down super fast there for a while, I think Dr. Suess gets the best of him in the end.

And, while this one’s not the best written, I couldn’t leave it out.  I mean, it’s two of my favorite characters of all time:  Gandalf vs. Dumbledore.

Check out their Youtube channel for more:  here.

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