I love to travel – the new experiences, meeting interesting people, trying good food – it’s all great.  But as I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve realized that traveling is not nearly as fun when you’re by yourself.  That’s why these past four months have been bittersweet for me.  I’ve gotten to see new cities and do some extensive travelling.  But every step of the way, I found myself wanting to turn to my partner and tell him about it – only to be painfully reminded that I’d just have to take a mental note and tell him the next time we Skyped.

But, I guess that’s what makes traveling for work different than a vacation!  As much good research as I’ve been able to do for my dissertation, I’m so. very. glad. that I’ll be flying home in just eleven days!  Because, I’ll admit that I’ve got a bad case of what the Germans call Heimweh – or pain from being away from home.

Great things about these past four months: 

  • Getting to know Berlin, from its glitzy city center to its grungy neighborhoods (being able to see the Berlin Wall from my courtyard was pretty fun, too).
  • Strolling through the gorgeous Christmas markets in Cologne.
  • Enjoying a gigantic BBQ Burger from a cheesy American bar & grille in Hanover.
  • Getting to spend a week in Munich.
  • Sharing meals and wine with great people from around the world this past month.
  • Conducting interesting interviews with people who deserve their own book.
  • Making some very useful contacts for my career.
  • Visiting with some of my best friends from Marburg!
  • Getting to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Mumbai with my future in-laws!
  • Having that thrill of finding something new and exciting in the archives.


What I’m looking forward to: 

  • Snuggling with my boo!
  • My pillow
  • My bed
  • Cooking in my own kitchen!
  • Going back to all of my favorite restaurants in Boston.
  • CRAFT BEER!  I know that Germany’s supposed to be the land of beer, but they don’t have anything on America’s microbreweries and Sam Adams’ seasonal brews.
  • Being in the same time zone as my family.
  • Not having to talk to a screen when I’m talking to my family and friends.
  • Waking up, making coffee, and watching CBS Sunday Morning  until my boo wakes up, then relaxing on the couch with him for the rest of the day.


What I’ll Miss about Germany: 

  • The excellent assortment of fresh baked breads every day
  • All the delicious pastries from the bakeries (not having those is enough to make a grown man weep)
  • I guess that’s about it.

Christmas market under the Cologne cathedral



And of course, Cologne had a gay Christmas market



Bombed out church in Hanover. Left like this as a reminder of the cost of war.


The best way to do research – with strudel, coffee, and good tunes.


Henry’s American Bar & Grill offering monster burgers and chicken wings to folks in Hanover (http://www.henrysgriddle.de)



Hanover’s court house

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  1. Good one :)

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