More Nerdiness



Don’t seem so cool now, do you, Dubai? Tallest building, my ass.  Compare the towers

Evil is relative.

Nazgul swings

I love it when Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings meet.

A wizard is never late

The way Dementors achieve their New Year’s resolution…

You will starve

Our childhood shapes us all

Arkham Daycare


My idea of a perfect Man Cave!

My Man Cave

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5 thoughts on “More Nerdiness

  1. That man cave… is… amazing! LOL

    • Isn’t it, though?! I can’t wait to have a house just so I can have this room. Though, I think it’s less of a “man cave” than a “cool ass nerd cave.” :)

  2. lightningjcb

    Hilariously cool post!

  3. Cecilia A

    My uncle made himself a cave like that!! Every time I visit him the first thing I do is go there, grab a book and lay down on the sofa for at least half an hour. Then I tell myself I´m visiting him, not his books……….and we spend the rest of the day talking about history, politics…and books.

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