The South: A Photo Essay (pt. 10)

Room to Roam

Perhaps this aspect is more rural than Southern, but one thing I love about home is having nearly unlimited space to do what you want.  I’ve almost always lived on or near a farm, so there was at least a hundred acres to walk around on or explore.  You can ride four-wheelers, have a bonfire, or even plant a garden if you want to.  One of the things I miss – and maybe it’s a little crude – is being able to pee in my yard without having to worry about getting in some kind of trouble.  Talk about freedom!

I know that having wide-open spaces is Maggie’s favorite part of living in the South!  She has reluctantly adjusted to living within the city limits, but she knows that she gets to ride in the back of the truck whenever possible.  And just look at her face: smiling, wind blowing in her hair; it’s unbridled joy!

I love visiting big cities like Atlanta, or Boston, or Frankfurt – and especially the larger ones like New York City – but after a while, I’m craving the countryside.  Even if it’s only a park, I feel like I can recharge as long as there is some grass underneath me and hopefully a tree or two around.

I’m now living in a city, but at least I do have a miniature backyard and I’ve already scouted out the parks that are near me.  And going to the park may hold me over, but I know that I’ll be glad to visit home for the holidays and be able to drive out into the country where I don’t hear any sirens or cars and don’t see any people.  Then, at least for a few days, I’ll have room to roam and a place to sit and stare off ou’chyonda.

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