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Comic Time

Especially as the semester is in the final stretch (only two weeks left!), I found these comics particularly funny:









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The Good Old Days

Oh, I remember the good old days as an undergraduate when I could actually pull an allnighter.  Hell, if I’m still awake after 10:45 now, it throws my whole week off. has some pretty funny comics. You should check them out. 

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Petition the White House

A friend forwarded me this petition.  And since I get too many emails that say: 

I signed the petition and thought I’d pass it along to any of you good folks to sign and pass on to all of your family and friends to sign.  Please!  When you’re surviving on a grad-student income, every bit of aid helps!  

In an effort to promote higher education, we propose the Obama administration reinstate the federal tax exemption for graduate student and post-doctoral stipends. These stipends, traditionally tax exempt, will incentivize countless students to pursue higher educational goals, resulting in broader positive economic impacts. A highly educated population leads to increased research, bolstering America’s status as global leader in innovation. This policy will provide our best and brightest with an important financial resource; a tax exemption which would allow for greater quality of life and freedom to contribute significantly to the pursuit of excellence.

Please restore the federal tax exemption for graduate and post-doctoral stipends and bring higher education into the 21st century.

Click HERE to sign the petition!

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