Omnino: An Undergraduate Research Journal

My alma mater, Valdosta State University, recently decided to start publishing its own academic journal.  Because I was active in presenting my research at the university’s annual symposium on undergraduate research, I got an invitation to apply.  So I sent in a copy of my favorite undergraduate paper with all of the paper work.

A couple of months later, I got an email from the editor, informing me that my article had been accepted for publication!  So, then we began the negotiating process – I had to change some things (including the title), while I insisted that some parts had to stay.

That was several months ago.  But I was just informed that the journal is finally finished and has been launched online.  I’m really excited about it – 1) because I’m glad that VSU is expanding and now publishing its own journal, in which the research of its students can be showcased.  2) the OMNINO isn’t just a history journal – it’s for the entire university, so it’s interdisciplinary.  That means that this premier issue has articles from history (four of ’em actually!), english/literature, economics, and political science.  I think that’s awesome.  Be sure to check out the “Contributer’s Notes” section at the very end to get a short bio of all the authors.

OMNINO:  an Undergraduate Research Journal of Valdosta State University 

Once you’re brought to the site, you should be able to click on “click to read” and the reader will open up the document full screen, like a magazine.  And then you can just either click on the arrows on either side, or use your left and right arrow buttons to flip the pages.  My article, “The Submerged Tenth” is on page 143… just click here (but you really should take the time to look at it from the very beginning too, and read the editor’s notes).

I hope you enjoy my first published article!

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