The Elixir of Life

I’m back in Buffalo and all moved into my new apartment.  Yesterday morning, something horrible happened.  I woke up, after having to sleep on the floor (don’t have a bed yet), and unsteadily made my way downstairs to the kitchen.  One of the first things I unpacked was my $14 Black and Decker automatic coffee maker – and that was my destination yesterday morning.  I sniffed the air as my foot hit the last step and I was suddenly mad at myself for not setting the timer.  There was no coffee waiting on me.

My annoyance at myself was about to boil over into wrath.

I got to the kitchen and just stared at my coffee maker.  In a moment of realization that was as annoying and shocking as the car alarm that went off every hour on the hour the night before, my blood pressure sky rocketed.  I may have packed my coffee maker, but I didn’t have coffee filters.  No problem; I had paper towels.  But I didn’t have coffee.  FML

My blurry senses suddenly sharpened as survival instinct kicked in.  I sprinted back up stairs (okay, sprinted may be a little exaggerated) to grab my secondary lifeline:  Google.  Keywords:  starbucks buffalo, ny.

Thank the gods above (and below and every which a’ way!)  There’s a Starbucks one block from my apartment.  Crisis averted.

Being that coffee is what saves all of you from a bad-mood me, out of sheer civic duty, I went and bought a 1 ½ lb can of Folgers Black Silk coffee and 200 coffee filters.  That should stave off DEFCON 1 for a little while.

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3 thoughts on “The Elixir of Life

  1. Retha Johnson

    Hey Jake, my hormone pill serves the came purpose as the coffee does for you…Ha!!!!! Just don’t see how ya’ll drink coffee; bet Judy taught you that habit…guess you are happy to be back and getting settled in again..I hated that I missed the week-end at the farm but I hope in the near future I will be living a little different life and get to come over there some and hang out with ya’ll and eat something good…I always add that like I need something good to eat…Anyway, take care and I still am enjoying your blogs…Love, Aunt Reet

  2. Tams

    Ahhh….Black Silk…

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