2.63 Times around the Globe

MyFlightMemory.com is an awesome site for anyone who likes to travel.  You can go in and enter the information from your past flights and it calculates tons of information.  For example, I have flown:

65,514 miles (that’s the same as 2.63 times around the earth) , 142 hours and 7 minutes, a total of 50 flights.  I’ve traveled the same distance as 0.274 the distance to the moon, and my top three airports are Atlanta, Frankfurt, and Buffalo.

To check out my My Flight Memory online account, click here.  But here are all the graphs from my travels:

And to get your own account and start building your own flight data base, click here. Have fun!

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One thought on “2.63 Times around the Globe

  1. I have been using Excel worksheets for calculations since 1986. It is easy use and I can get those numbers I want. This was a good start when I started to learn Excel thoroughly and became later Worksheet trainer.

    I also use it to calculate different costs of our travel.

    Happy blogging and traveling especially.

    P.S. my About tells more about me and my exwork.

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