Navigating Your Way Around

I just thought I might take up one post with a few words about the website itself and how I’ll run it.  First of all, the newest post will always show up on top when you go to the site (  Older ones will be pushed further down, and eventually onto other pages.  It’s not much of a problem now, since the site is still new, but if later on you’re looking for an older post, it may be easier to use the right side of the homepage.  There you’ll find two ways to browse through posts:  by month, and by category.

Next, I have a “Pages” section, which appears on the top right of the homepage.  There you will find some different information.  Currently I have three separate pages:  About Me, Favorite Quotes, and then Useful Links.  The last one is probably my favorite – that’s where I’ll keep a lot of fun or interesting websites.  Right now I have links to some different news websites, some of which are foreign, but written in English (it’s always good to get as many different perspectives on a story as possible – and that doesn’t mean just CNN and Fox – check out what they’re saying across the oceans!)  I also have a section for other blogs that I like, and if you’re reading this one, you might like them, too.  As I come across more, I’ll add them.  And I also have a random “Food for Thought” section, filled with odds and ends.  My favorite, because it’s one of the most fascinating sites on the web – even thought it’s pretty simple – is the World Clock.  It’s so much more than a clock!  Check it out; it’s awesome!

And, a few words on the posts themselves.  You can read the posts directly from the homepage.  However if you want to leave a comment, either click on the title (bolded in beige at the beginning) and scroll down to the end, or simply click “Leave a Comment.”  If you’re commenting as a guest, you have to put your email address in – but don’t worry, I do not get that address.  It’s simply WordPress’s way of making sure that you’re not a spamming computer.  Also, you are not obliged to give your real name if you don’t wish to.

And, at any given time that you want to go back to the homepage, simply click the picture at the top, and you’re be brought back.

Lastly – the Internet is an awesome place for writers.  Your work can be read instantly around the globe; your audience is almost boundless.  However, it is also easy for anyone even slightly versed in computer use to Copy & Paste anything.  As someone who will eventually make a living from what I write, I sometimes fear placing my words onto the Net where they can be taken and passed off as someone else’s.  So, in an attempt to combat that I will place a license on a few certain posts.  This license will not actually stop anyone from copy&pasting, however when you see the “CC” emblem at the bottom of the post, please respect my wish to keep that text authored under my name.

But let me clarify:  I do not mind anyone sharing my website with anyone – in fact, please do share if you’re interested.  And if you like a particular post, I have no problem with anyone, or everyone, sharing it.  But if the CC license emblem is present, please don’t try to use it and pass it off as your own.  I do appreciate it!

Now that business is taken care of, I think I’m going to go and find something to eat for supper (yes, I’m from the South, so that means I say “supper.”  “Dinner” is saved for Sunday at noon!)

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