Welcome Aboard!

Here I am on my summer break and I’m having writing withdrawals.  So, now that I’m back in the wilderness of southwest Georgia with not much else to do (besides sit on the back porch and stare off ouch’yonda), I’ve decided to try the whole blog thing.

“The Curious Wanderer” refers to the fact that I do love to travel, but mainly my mind tends to wander.  All the time.  So, this site will be a place that it can wander to.  And let the reader be warned – as a couple of my students have pointed out, a wandering mind leads to a bit of rambling (I think two students used the word “rants”…)  So, this will not be a food blog, or a movie blog, or dedicated to any one particular subject.  It will consist of random ramblings: pictures, videos, maybe some book reviews.

Since I am a student myself (and it seems that I’ll be a student for life), there will probably be a tendency to post some academic things – like news articles, articles that I had to read in class – and my opinion(s) on them.  In all of this, I’ll try and keep my personal stuff on Facebook.

So, I hope the Curious Wanderer will be a place that you can go when you’re bored, interested, or curious yourself…maybe it’ll make you laugh, and maybe you’ll learn something (even if it’s just “Jeopardy trivia,” which is my favorite kind of knowledge).

I’d like to post something daily, but I know myself and that may not happen.  So, you can keep coming back to check, or if you’d like you can click “Sign Me Up!” over to the right à and it can notify you by email whenever something on this site is updated.  So, welcome aboard and let’s see how this goes!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard!

  1. Dale

    I love reading your ramblings so keep them coming

  2. Mama Tams

    Rant on!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

  3. Leila Meek

    I totally agree with everything u have written. I have to admit that I was really pissed off when the verdict was announced and still am pissed off that she will be getting out Sunday. However, I am really thankful that I am NOT her as she will live her life always looking over her shoulder because there are alot of sickos out there and she will never be safe. I don’t feel now that she has really gotten away with anything. she will be living hell on earth just as she rightfully deserves.

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